How do you encapsulate a broadcaster’s brand identity in just 6 seconds?

By conceptually experimenting with musical sound design early in the production process, we were able to collaborate closely, allowing image and sound to continuously inspire one another.

When Make It Heppener was approached by broadcaster PowNed to develop a new ident, Lab³ was brought in to design the sound. Dick and Matthijs immediately began working on various ‘sound textures’ based on the concept while the visuals were still being developed. These experiments were exchanged with Make It Heppener, influencing how the visuals took shape and vice versa.

An experiment in the quest for the PowNed sound.

The visual concept features a stream of balls filling the spaces. Matthijs captured these balls by rapidly multiplying very short sounds and then modifying them (for those in the know: he developed a custom-built granular synthesizer). These sounds were then layered with various vocal tones. Ultimately, this complex sound culminates in a simple, catchy finale.

Listen to some of the layers that make up the final sound below:

Brand: PowNed
Design agency: Motif, Sake van den Brule
Production: Make It Heppener, Ben Heppener, Patrick Nelemans
Musical sounddesign: LAB-3, Dick Kok & Matthijs Koster

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