What could be more exciting than creating music for a place where music truly comes to life?

We’re talking about the former Concertgebouw Haarlem. Opened in 2005 under the new name Philharmonie, in 2023 the venue shortens its name to PHIL and celebrates 150 years since the first concert was played in their Great Hall. To mark this milestone festively, we collaborated with PHIL’s marketing department to craft the musical accompaniment, the radio commercial, and the introduction of the anniversary program.

The new name and identity reflect PHIL’s new direction: over the coming years, PHIL aims to position itself as a contemporary music house to attract a broader and more diverse audience. Over the past 150 years, PHIL’s stage has hosted music from classical virtuosos to contemporary icons. From Maurice Ravel to Arthur Rubinstein, from Sergei Rachmaninoff and Igor Stravinsky to Georges Moustaki, and from Gilbert Bécaud to Marillion and Ben Howard.

Interested in learning more about PHIL? Visit: https://www.philhaarlem.nl/

Curious about the 150-year history of PHIL? Visit: https://www.philhaarlem.nl/pQ6DpiL/150-jaar-historie


Director — Edwin van Balken
Marketing — Lisanne Geisterfer

Music & Production — Matthijs Koster
Voice Casting — Marieke Westenenk
Voice-over — Michael de Roos