Imagine using the power of an opera to launch a brand-new snack. That was precisely the concept when the team from Freddy approached us with an idea for Mora’s latest snack, the “Kaas Kipkorn”. Their proposal? The “Kaas Kip Koor”.

Inspired by Bizet’s timeless “Carmen Suite No. 2,” we crafted an opera specifically for this snack. A musical ode that brought together the worlds of cheese and chicken. This aria was not only brought to life in the studio but was also performed live by a choir that we assembled! This led to a hilarious ‘flash mob’ at the Horecava.

And did it work! This project proved that music activation for a new product can not only be very powerful but also incredibly fun. It was fantastic to see how our passion for music and a creative approach came together to create something unique, all made possible by a great idea and the fine collaboration with Freddy and Mora.



Brand: Mora
Agency: Freddy
Creative: Sjors Roovers & Lex Segers
Agency Production: Kees-Jan van Mourik
Music & Composition: Dick Kok, Matthijs Koster
Overall Production: Friso Schoone