Imagine your song becoming the anthem for a massive international festival, blasting through immense sound systems as 60,000 attendees lose themselves in the music—that’s a dream come true!

This journey began at Lab³ in 2016 with the formation of the songwriters’ collective JODIAC, composed of Dick Kok, Jonas Kröper (Jonasu), and Aike van de Crommert (A. Johanson). Bringing together their unique styles and inspirations, they collaborated with then-unknown vocalists such as Duncan Laurence, Flemming, and Tim Dawn.

The turning point came when the track “Keep Burning” landed on the desk of Bas Kuipers at Q-dance. Immediately recognized for its festival anthem potential, it was selected by The Quontinent 2023, Belgium’s largest hardstyle festival, as their official anthem. This selection marked an unforgettable milestone for everyone involved in the creation of the track.

“Keep Burning” transcended being just a song; it became a realized dream and a defining moment on our bucket list. Turn up the volume and let the energy of this anthem sweep you away. Keep Burning!


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Primeshock – Keep Burning
Released —  21 juli 2023
Premiere live on Defqon.1 28 July 2023
The Qontinent 11-12-12 August 2023

Songwriting — Dick Kok, Jonas Kröper & Aike van de Crommert