Together with director June Te Spenke, Florian worked on the impressive sound design and the audio postproduction of the documentary KELLY, now available on Amazon Prime.

“We’ve lost sight of Kelly. She was the first transgender woman to be widely recognized in the Netherlands, thanks to Big Brother. Over the years, many things have been said about her on national TV. Were those remarks really as normal as we thought at the time?”

Kelly, once a prominent figure in the LGBTQI+ community, became a household name through Big Brother. Despite becoming an icon, not everyone respected her identity. Bridget Maasland’s comment, “I was wearing the same dress as a man, ha ha no that was Kelly, she used to be a man,” reflects the misunderstandings and challenges she faced. Nikkie de Jager noted, “It makes you feel less alone in your struggles,” highlighting the impact of Kelly’s public visibility.

Faced with mounting scrutiny and diminishing privacy, Kelly eventually withdrew. She buried her past and sought refuge in the unpredictable world of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, where she continues her life away from the public eye.


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Director: June Te Spenke

Sounddesign & audio postproduction: Florian van Oirschot